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Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

Klenspop Review [ Bunny 3- color grey ]

It`s been a long time since I reviewed something ~ & I totally forgot this review and I`m so terrible sorry for it and especially sorry to the shop! ;A; ~ With those lenses there were some kind of difficulties and then somewhere I forgot to make the review for it, so I`m really sorry about it! ;A;  

So let`s get started! 

My review is for Klenspop about their Bunny 3-color Grey circle lenses! <3 

The shipping was really fast, I was so stunned about it, but extremly happy to get the lenses so fast.
A big plus from Klenspop is that they are so friendly and the communication is fast and good. I love the staff and the site itself. It`s really easy to browse and find your stuff you look for. 

( because of some circumances I had to take package photos of another review, but the lenses arrived just exactly like that! The 3 review photos are from : Yuu-Berry ~  ) 

 So the package was in a ziploc bag & besides the circle lenses bottle you got a circle lens case & a little twizzer. So the only thing you need to buy is the lens solution for the circle lenses.

As you can see those lenses are really light grey so on light eyes like mine they would blend in really well. I personally find them really beautiful & they are natural so they are good to wear outside everyday. 

Let`s see some Informations about the Bunny 3-color Circle lenses: 
Diameter: 14,5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13,3mm
Base Curve: 8,6mm
Water Conent: 38%
Manufacture: Lenspop
Origin: Korea

Now let`s look at a comparison from my natural eyes & with lenses

As you can see there isn`t that much of a change. They only make my eyes at the outside darker / greyish like the color is. They don`t are flashy or make your eyes bigger that`s why I think you can always wear them outside without getting attention, because your eyes look huge and they notice the lenses. 

Now here are some photos of me wearing them <3 

My impression  when I got them was... I was exremly happy I saw them and thought they would look so natural and beautiful that I fell in love with them! & As I wore them my expections were right. So I was really happy. Normally I go for lenses that enlarges my eyes, because I like it way more, but as I put them in I was still happy with them and even the design is not much but still clear and gives your eye a little touch of beauty. Even wearing them for hours is totally fine! They are so comfy that they don`t hurt your eyes after hours, and you don`t think you wear lenses. At least it`s like that for me. So thats a total plus point for the lenses! :3 
Overall I`m super happy I got those lenses and I wear them even sometimes when I go to work just, because they give my eyes that grey touch with a little sparkle somehow owo I like them really and everyone who likes to have some natural beautiful lenses I only can recommend those lenses! <3 ~ 

a big thanks to Klenspop for giving me a chance to review such beautiful lovely lenses! <3

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